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Carlisle Area Historical Society

Saving History for Tomorrow

Photo Gallery

The Randleman House The Randleman House New Paint. Looks beautiful 2015 Our New Look 198912898 We buy a house! 93307660 Decorated for Fall 2010 98663605 Randleman house built 1907 93308707 R House in the 60s 93307659 Renovations Start 93307657 Eave detail 93307661 Lots of work to do 93307663 What a mess! 93307658 Stained Glass 93307662 The back 93308695 The front 93308692 A picture from the side (Cindy Marcell) 93308706 Paint goes up 93308694 Susan applies color to the ballroom walls 93308693 A dinner 93307656 as lighting fixture in the kitchen ceiling 93308696 kitchen gutted 93308697 A beautiful dining room 93308698 upstirs drywall 93308699 the large room upstairs 93308700 Lovely light fixtures donated by Carole Gates 93308701 The ballroom 93308702 Victorian seating 93308703 Reupholstered furniture 93308704 The fireplace 93308705 Eric's Spring House 93308708 R House in winter by Eric 93308709 Our old oak tree. 93308710 Tea cups 98663600 Dinner service 98663601 Dinner table 98663602 Dining room 98663603 Dinner in the ballroom 98663604 Before the railing was removed. 98663606 Before new paint. 98663607 Our burr oak. 98663608 Railing is gone 98663609 a little color on the deck 98663610 Kitchen cupboard #1. 198912897 Kitchen cupboard #2. 198912899