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Carlisle Area Historical Society

Saving History for Tomorrow


The pavement for the driveway is finally completed. We held a ribbon cutting ceremony on Sunday May 28th. Our thanks go out to Charles Peterson for  donating the money to make this happen. Project coordinator Mike Kinter has worked very hard with all the various companies who came together to complete the project.  Elder Corporation, Bishop Engineering sand Woodhouse Construction were the primary companies.  Many thanks to Tom Woodhouse and his crew for the tremendous job! We still have some work to do installing handrails and painting the parking spots.

The ribbon cutting was a great success. Mike held the ribbon while Pete used the scissors.  Pete took the first "official" drive around the house. We all know he has been keeping a close eye on the progress and may have taken a ride or three around the drive while it was being built!  Then we all went inside for cookies and iced tea. The weather was beautiful! The house and yard look great. Well done!

At the Lustron

 June 1st through July 29th

Exhibit Opens in Restored Lustron

Lustron Photo Exhibit open

Tuesday 4 to 8 and Saturdays 9 to 1 through the end of July

The inside of Carlisle's newly restored Lustron Home looks a lot like the outside, covered with photos of the community by local fine art photographer Mark True. 

The exhibit "Found in Carlisle" is featured at the home at 235 Pennsylvania St. in Carlisle through July.

"I've been making photos for several years, including football and soccer games, Fourth of July parades, my wife's gardens, and other similar subjects, but until I followed a tan house crawling along the streets of my town on a 14 degree January morning in 2019, I hadn't thought to capture images right outside my door," says True.

"The idea of saving a part of Carlisle by photographing my own town started to percolate as I was watching them save this unique building.

The Lustron Home restoration is a labor of love undertaken by the Carlisle Area Historical Society (CAHS). The all-metal house was erected at 210 School Street in 1948, eventually purchased by the Carlisle Community School District, and then donated to the Carlisle Area Historical Society on one condition; that it be moved to make room for parking at the school.

To date CAHS has spent more than $80,000 to save this unique home. Raising funds from businesses and members of the community, they moved the house to  lot adjacent to the historic Randleman House to reassemble and restore its original condition.

"In the past couple of years, this exhibit took place in my mind and I envisioned debuting the images inside the Lustron Home, and I am thrilled that the CAHS board liked the idea. I can't wait for people to see the images and see the home itself," says True. The exhibit features images of the move on that cold winter day alongside others of the 4th parade, Scotch Ridge Center and other identifiable and not so identifiable spots around town captured over the past three years.

"The restoration has been a huge task, involving a lot of people who really care about this community and want to save its history, " says Melissa Hawk, Chairman of the CAHS Board.

"Mark's images are a perfect way to welcome the community into the Lustron Home and let them consider their surroundings while

enjoying this unique home.

Landscaping, period furniture and accessories will complete the mid-century look.

An open house and artist reception is scheduled for 1 pm Sunday June  18th. 

Watch CAHS Facebook page and this website for information about other times the home will be open.

"Found in Carlisle" will be on exhibit June 1st through July 28th.

Our deepest thanks go out to The Carlisle School District for the home itself as well as Charles Peterson for the donation of the land the home occupies and the Toney family who donated much of the furniture in the home. Our Facilities Director, Mike Kinter, has worked tirelessly on this project as well as the paving project almost completed at the Randleman House. His dedicated efforts made both of these projects come true.

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SPRING 2021 The last year was difficult for everyone. Many things went undone due to lack of volunteers. Once again the Ackworth Garden Club have done a beautiful job with the Circle Garden. We greatly appreciate their efforts! Without volunteers on every level we can't continue to operate. Please consider volunteering today!